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Overview of our job search…

Knacks Star has committed to provide several potential career opportunities for candidates all over the fields below. Although many of you do not find matching profile job listed here, Knacks Star would like to be connect with you forever respecting your experiences and qualifications to match forthcoming opportunities we will have in future. Knacks Star thrill to provide staffing, recruitment and central management to leading Energy, Manufacturing, Resources and Engineering fields clients all over the world. Target is set to establish us exceptional from other companies through connecting each talent and creating never ending relationships between our clients and candidates for a passion of excellence. Knacks Star will support all kind of clients to find talented & high-level professionals. We have thorough study & understanding of clients from different fields along with individual talented professional backgrounds and strive for positive outcome for our business. Please find below current open opportunities for your interest.

Jobs by industry…

  • Mechanical & Automotive
  • Food and Beverage.
  • Government/Public Sector.
  • Industrial Manufactruing.
  • Oil Gas and Chemicals
  • Mining & Metal
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power and Renewable Energy
  • Infrastructure and Construction
  • IT Technology
  • Healthcare & Medicare

Open Positions

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